The incredibly beautiful city of Abu Dhabi


UAE consists of seven emirates, each and every emirate of UAE is very beautiful and unique. If a person comes to UAE then it is very difficult for them to decide which emirate to visit first.

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Gem of UAE:
Abu Dhabi is the capital city of UAE and can also be called as the gem of UAE.  You know this thing that if a city is the capital of any country how much work people do on that city, because every time when people visit UAE, the city of Abu Dhabi is at the first in the visit list in UAE. One who book their deal for Abu Dhabi tour enjoys to explore the beaches, the malls, the sky scrapers, the mosques, the parks and may other unique and amazing places which Abu Dhabi is blessed with. Abu Dhabi is a very vast city. This city has everything to offer to the people. This City is very beautiful and every place within it is worth visiting. Booking your deal for Abu Dhabi tour is the best choice one can make.

Places to visit in Abu Dhabi Tour:
The city of Abu Dhabi is full of beautiful places. Every place where you step in Abu Dhabi is a place which is worth visiting and can give a kind of experience which maybe other places cannot give. Let me give you a short description about each and every lace that should be visited in Abu Dhabi tour below:

Sheikh Zayed Mosque:
If anyone is asked which mosque is the most famous mosque in Abu Dhabi then Sheikh Zayed Mosque will be everyone’s answer. The uniqueness and the Islamic architecture of this mosque is the major reason behind the popularity of this mosque.

Heritage Village:
This is  a place which represents all the historical elements of Abu Dhabi and to explore these elements in your Abu Dhabi toura visit to heritage village is a must one.

Corniche Beach:
Abu Dhabi has a lot of beautiful beaches but among all the beautiful ones Corniche beach is the most beautiful one and is a must visit in your Abu Dhabi tour. Your tour is incomplete without a visit to this beach.

Date market:
Date are loved by many people. Abu Dhabi has a very huge and famous date market. People consider dates market a must visit in their Abu Dhabi Tour. If you really want to taste some amazing dates then a visit t this market is a must one.

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Camel Market:
The vastest camel market of UAE exists in Abu Dhabi. People come here at this market to see the camel races and to purchase camels. A wide variety of camels are found here.

Ferrari World:
If you want to experience a world of fun rides then Ferrari world is a must visit in your Abu Dhabi Tour for both the kids and the adults.

These are all the places that one should visit their Abu Dhabi tour otherwise your tour will remain incomplete.

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